Club Love


to' keep the spirit high and the juices flowin'
Initiated in 1998
by Micha Klein, Afke Reijenga,
Eelko Anceaux, Marcel Bakker,
Kim Tuin and Art Cocobutter,
as an answer to the house-scene becoming
more and more mechanic.
An initiative to bring back
some of the feeling that was encapsulated
in the original house-evolution:
love, peace, happiness, communication and creativity.
We organized 8 events for a select group of artists,
actors, musicians, d.j.'s, fashion designers, models,
photographers, (new) media people etc.
(we were referring to them as 111 handpicked types)
The first hours Micha & Afke 'as the hosts'
introduced the incoming crowd by name and nickname
over the sound system with an (always open) microphone.
To give that special feeling and
to introduce them to each other.
The interior of the space was decorated
very intimate and cozy;
with big sit-islands and pillows (brought by the audience).
Always-fresh flowers, which we gave away at the end
to thank the public for raising the energy.
Plus the (beautiful and happy) projections
by Micha Klein that lit the entire room
and gave it the unique Club Love look and feel.
The enthusiastic loved up audience and the
Club Love ingredients made it
an unforgettable night.
There was an open microphone people had the chance
to express themselves with,
so a lot of special moments were created;
Victoria Wilson James (Shamen) in a duet with
the singer of Curiosity Killed the Cat
improvising over the deep happy rhythms by DJ Marcello.
Spontaneous outburst of creativity.
Club Love is about "giving",
the entrance fee was free (on invitation),
we gave everybody a love cocktail
and we gave flowers away at the end.
In reaction we got a lot back from the audience too;
people would bring in bags of pre-rolled joints
to distribute among the crowd,
bring paintings and presents for the club etc.,
all artists worked for free,
love and sharing were key words.
After 8 magical events the plug got pulled
because the owner of the venue
found out that we were using their TV-Studio as a club.
But these 8 events generated
a buzz that Amsterdam hadn't seen for long.